Bad Company 2 question.....Platinum Hits or Ultimate Edition?

I have never played this game, but am looking for a good cheap FPS.  I found I can get the Platinum Hits for $19.99 or the Ultimate Edition for $39.99.  I don't have LIVE, so would it be beneficial to get the Ultimate Edition?  Is there anything the Ultimate Edition offers for someone who does not have LIVE?  I do have access to the internet obviously, so could I download the 1943 game offered on Ultimate Edition, or is this an online game only.  Thanks for the help.


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I bought the Ultimate Edition back in July.  Personally, it's worth it.  You've obviously done your research so you know what comes in each version.  1943 Battlefield is online only.  Also, if you don't intend on playing either game online... why would you buy Battlefield?  That's pretty much the point of those games.

Ultimate edition is well worth the extra money you get all of the vip content and 1943 is a great arcade title it has some pretty decent pick up and play qualities to it...  either way, can't go wrong, if your looking to get your hands on the game for cheap the platinum hits is an ok choice but you will end up spending alot more for all the content you'll receive from the ultimate edition.

Yea. If u never plan on going online, buy the platinum. If you plan on it one day, buy ultimate since the content u don't have would cost you an extra 15 to 20.

Now that I think about it, the content you don't have would only run you an extra 15 as long as you don't care about the limited edition content which I believe is just a skin pack. That would make the game 35 instead of 40. It is also still possible to find a new non platinum hit copy for 20.00 which does still have VIP access.

So, the 1943 game and the Onslaught game are both online only?  I can't play either one of them on my non-LIVE set-up?

yep. both are online