Bad Company 2 Connection Problems?

I dont if this is the right place to ask this, but is anyone having issues with battlefield Bad Company 2?

It tells me a lot the last two days that I can not connect to the servers. it seems like it picks and chooses when

I can connect. Has anyone else had this trouble?


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I haven't had any trouble playing it.

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I have not had problems connecting but twice I have been dropped from the servers in the middle of a game,  both of which I was having really good games too.

Why cant EA post something about all this drop games kick to dashboard.there has to be a problem going on i guess we will never no.........

What kind of internet you got?  DSL?

I have cable , 20 megs so i know its not my internet. I can get into any game, call of duty, gears, whatever it is , just fine. It's just Bad Company 2 i seem to have issues with. It keeps saying to me that i can't connect to EA servers and it does that for several times then out of no where it will just let me connect some time later.....very strange, never had that happen to me on anything.

I haven't had this happen to me , strangely enough, I have heard from a lot of people that this is happening but it hasnt happen to me.  I just have a hard time gettting connected to BC2 , but once i do i can play for as long as I like.

Thank you all for answering  ;)

I have the same problem.....looking at the those who have responded I'm not sure anyone offered up a cause and a solution but those who have never experienced a problem ...DON'T respond  its worthless info if you offer no solutions, and just post to say 'oh no l haven't had the useful is that to hear wen looking for a solution to the posted problem !!

I have been dropped out of a few games recently I cleared my cache and now it seems to be ok.

Same problem. I use the game since long time, but can´t ever connect to the Multiplayer game. Cleared my cache, set the date of my xbox to the 01-01-2005 and give the xbox a static IP Adress and I contact Ea...and they can´t help...

I think....thats all because installing the beta of this game before I have buyed the full game. In the Beta game it was posssible for me to play it ???

Ah...and I can play other MP´s not my dsl...

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