Bad bug in Story mode

Hi guys,. Now i playing mortal kombat in Story mode, very happy because i finish the story mode for 3rst time. BUT... i have a surprise... i unlock the achievement of the 100% in story mode, but i don't have the achievement of Quan-Chi. After, i look the ladder mode, and i don't have Quan-chi Character. Why? I don't know and i don't wanna finish time.I appreciate your answers, ill be waiting :D Very thx (;


(Sorry for my poor english but i'm from Chile and the english is very bad in the schools ): )


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Sorry to hear that but your guess is as good as mine.


Congrats on your 3rd play through.

If the achievement is not unlocking then recover your gamertag and play again.

Ok, i need more money in the game so i play other time. Thx for the responses. Bad game ):

Now the game only give me 10 coins on story mode