Bad AI

I'm playing the 4th mission in Operation Flashpoint Red River, and I realize how awful the AI is.


They started off being really good in the first 3 missions, but now, ohhh man, I want to snap my disc. This is ridiculous. They don't listen and they expect me to be rambo and to take out 2 full bases of enemies with RPG's and stuff. 


Dumb game.


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Is it worst than brink?

Bad AI is one of my pet peeves.  What are doing specifically, running around in circles or just standing there?

@Taco, I haven't played Brink, so I don't know.


@Never Better, they just stand there. Then I call them to heal me, and they either don't come or if they do come, they circle around my body.

Can't be worst than EA Sports AIs, worst in the business, esp their sports games.    

LOL.  Then don't go Rambo go Commando.

I hate games that give you terrible AI squadmates but the opponent's AI is sharp and on point.

I can't stand stupid AI either. Especially friendly AI. Why should we even have AI teammates if they're just cannon fodder to be killed by enemies? Honestly, I'd rather have a bunch of Redshirts back me up than the Marines from Halo.

Mass Effect AI was the same I just ended up sending them down to be killed so I could identify enemy locations.

That's why you play it in Co-Op!

Sorry, just testing my browser to see if it will finally let me post.