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Let's get this game on that list ASAP


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I voted for Bad Company 2 as well as Far Cry 2  and 3 and COD4 and MOH Warfighter.  They did say eventually all games with gold games here on out be backward compatible.  Hopefully old free games as well since Bad Company 2 was free as well.  Cause I had the disc but clicked the free digital as well so I wouldn't need the disc.  I wanted to vote for BF2MC but EA killed them servers off.  Might have to vote for 1943 as well.  But that was a arcade game.  Think they want full big title first then arcade games later.

c'est pour quand black ops 1 marre ces trop long

This one is a must!

This game is a must along with MOH & MOH Warfighter

Shocked it isn't out yet.  Heck it was part of games with gold last year.

completely agree

it should be on the BC list.

Voting doesn't help.  So far no Battlefields made it to backward compatibility.  I even have a thread in the backward compatibility section for Bad Company 2.  Not sure if its EA or Dice holding these games back.  All they have to do is tell Microsoft its okay to go ahead and make them backward compatible.  Then the game gets emulation wrapper and goes into testing phase.