Back to Xbox after 2 years, no friends = (

I finally replaced my Xbox that broke 2 years ago just when i'd almost finished Tales of Vesperia!  It's great to be back but most the friends i had on XBL have deleted me which is understandable lol. The ones i do have on there are "casual gamers" and are never online.

So basically i'm looking for new some friends for XBL it's a little lonely on there at the momment lol. I have some catching up to do with games. I think im going to buy Left 4 Dead 2 and Child of Eden next.

I'm a hardcore gamer and will be online most days if i'm not on PS3 or Wii, so please add me.


XBL Akira Tenshi

PSN Akira Tenshi


PS. I don't like these new forums.


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Welcome back to XBOX LIVE and the forums Akira!  Maybe you could send FRs to your old friends and get them back! 

welcome bk :)

Welcome back to Xbox Live buddy.  : )

Welcome back !

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 Welcome back ! 


Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

Welcome back mate.

welcome back, if you play gears or halo feel free to add me.

Welcome back feel free to add me.

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 Welcome back ! 



Hiii :) Im Zoey xx

Welcome Back to Xbox,

Im sure you can make loads of new friends :D