back to ops 2

still a good population

was on ghosts for an hour last night so much lag

came on this game, not nearly as much

and ran so much smoother than ghosts

usually its the other way round

looks like treyarch are the new cod kings.


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I went back to MW3 the other night and had a blast.  Still plenty of people playing, I love the large maps and no lag.  It's been so long since I played it, I don't remember any of the maps.  It's like a brand new game where the guns I use are already maxed.  :)

mw3 doesnt have large maps lol, did you mean mw2?

Playing Ghosts makes me appreciate BO2 and 1 all the more.

yep i used to think ops 2 was average til i went on ghosts

Compared to BO2, the maps in MW3 are MASSIVE.  

I still play BLOPs 2. I just couldnt handle Ghosts.

i found blops and blops 2 not a great deal of fun almost a chore to play

though zombies on the first blops  were good 

now ghosts is different a lot more fun than the above versions

but no where near the  the amount of joy that

modern warfare { cod 4 } and mw2 gave