Baby, what's your loadout?

LOL I know lame title, so many ways to put that better.

So guys and gals, only ten days left until launch!

What potential settings are you considering for multiplayer (characters,  load out, controller settings, etc.)?

What will you run to first: Versus? Campaign? Survival? 

My Gears Judgment (future) load out, controls and player settings:

I don't mention skins, as we don't know what they are, no confirmation yet.

Jungle Tai

Gnasher+Stim Grenade in team based modes: TDM/Domination/Execution

Markza+Ink in Free For All: Ink lasts after you throw it and obscures view, frag only gets you one explosion. So...enough said.

Overrun and Survival Class: Engineer (My first Onyx Medal in GoW3 was the 'Fortification Master'. Go figure)

The same settings as in Gears 3. Sensitivity: 25-25-22  (same sensitivity if the sliders will still go up to 30), Left-handed Triggers, Vibration off, Gore off and Alternate Controls (watch the recent event, declassification system when they show the fight in the dust cloud, look close at the HUD: possibly confirms presence of Alternate, normal controls have X to pick up as seen in other reveals, in this one the player has it so RB pretty sure we can use alternate settings and assuming that since Y is weapon change now, that's why it seems it would not be the pick up button in alternate)




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how could I possibly know my loadout for a game I have yet to play?

you know what potential means?

yes, it means a high likelyhood of being wrong in this case. sort of like how people judge a game or movie before playing or seeing it.

This guy has no clue lol your in for a shock and proberly complain about the multiplayer  like everyone else who play gears 3 day in day out. The single player campaign is awesome tho, finished it last night.

gonna run co op Campaign first.

MP is just a race to the highest rank number it seems just like in gears 3 and im not in a hurry

might play overrun hoping its like horde.

I am definitely doing co-op campaign with my friends first since you can unlock stuff in the campaign that can be used in MP like skins and stuff. I'll probably try out Horde on the weekend.

Judge a game before playing? being wrong about your choice? no clue? as to what exactly? Epic confirmed the load out choices, for the weapons as well as the grenades available. Common knowledge what they are, but if your misinformed or don't know about the choices, or misunderstood the question, that's fine. I am not trying to insult your intelligence. But based on the info that has been released and the fact that I've been sniping since Gears 1 I can say my preferred choice would be the semi-auto in certain modes. The ink for a grenade choice? My prerogative to pick it. The game's gone gold, and with 9 days left, they aren't going to make drastic changes so we can be sure what to expect, as Epic directly addressed the question of what weapons are available in your starting load out.

this is a different Gears game that seems to play a little differently so who knows what anyone will find effective until they try each loadout, just saying the obvious. seems the rifles are going to play a bigger part than in any other Gears game made so far, then you have the sawed off that can shoot two rapid fire shots now and you have a game that no one knows how it will play

PS: So you were one of those guys that had to keep active reloading me in the foot with the sniper rifle in GoW 1 just finally kill me!

And I play Gears 3 day in day out, no I won't complain because it's just a game, and Judgment has different multiplayer, as most have said, it is a different game from Gears 3. Not really a Gears game? Won't say that. But it is going to be different in terms of modes in MP. Opinions are subjective. I just don't care much that there are changes in multiplayer. But what they've shown so far is good from my perspective, I already have it pre ordered, wouldn't have done if I thought I wouldn't like it. Sure it's not perfect, nothing could be, but at this point in time, the game is completed so nothing I feel doesn't work is going to change nine days before launch.

LOL the sniper in gears 1 was ridiculous.

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