baby maker

can anyone dupe me a babymaker and or a alkaline the bee been farming for days with no luck message me if you can xxjustinjxx


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i doubt you have been farming for days without getting anything, i bet your just impatient.

I have a baby maker for you :)

Giving up the baby maker so easily huh?

and i doubt you work for a living. Ive only got 2-3 hours a night to devote to playing and for the last few days ive been spending it farming those 2 items so yeah maybe i am a little impatient

Think that may of been aimed at the post above not you mate think about laugh, then a sorry might be in order. Lol

I have a couple baby makers as well if you need one still.  The Bee on the other hand doesnt seem to exist in my game unfortunately.,  

OK, I have a couple of Baby Makers (lvl's 49 & 50) & a number of Bees (lvl's 19, 29, 48 & 50). Just msg me with what you require & I'll dup them for anyone.