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I'm looking for players to complete these easter eggs, and I already have the Tables built for both of these maps. I already know what to do on Tranzit, I just need players to help me finish it off, I've made attempts doing the Max playthrough. On Die Rise I've only made it as far as fishing for the Ballistic Knives but couldn't get them, and already picked up the Orbs.

I work from 3:30 till Midnight, I can be on after 12:30 or tomorrow Morning, but I do have days off on Wednesday and Thursday eastern time. I'm no N00B, so you don't have to worry about me dying or distracting a zombie, and I'm always willing to help others even after I earned an achievement.


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I'd be interested in the Maxis side of Die Rise. I get home everyday at 3pm EST and can play until about 1am

me and a couple of buddies have been trying the past couple of evenings and keep failing right before its finished... smh

@ MarleyI have tomorrow & Thursday off as in my previous post, message me when your ready

@NewFound I'll be on after 3PM tomorrow (Eastern)

I'll be on both tomorrow and Thursday so if Marley and his friend want to do it I guess we'll have our 4!