B01 gives B02 a smack down!!!

That's right I mean what I say.  Bo1 was better in so many ways, the story mode, online experience, the graphics were even better.  B01 to me runs so much smoother the create a class is better, the killstreak rewards are setup better, I mean I can just run around in bo2 and shoot down some uav's and take out some enemy equipment and rack up score streak rewards that's noobish.  Bo2 is identical to mw3 they just put zombies in bo2, in fact they put so much detail into zombies they took away from the regular online multiplayer.  To date I have gone back to older cod titles for my cod fix as they are so much better.  And from what it looks like in the bo2 community it won't be very long before the bo1 lobbys are over 200k again.  


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Your server levels may be a bit off here as well with the timing OP. It is not yet Christmas so the kiddos waiting until then to get the game are still playing BO1 and brushing up on their skills so they can come into this one and hit the ground running. If the levels stay the same following the 25th, then I stand corrected.


Personally, I am liking the game again now that HC has kill confirmed. Love the fast paced game with the HC mode I enjoy so much.

graphics never got better since WaW.

I personally like Modern Warfare 2 the best. Thats the thing I like about AAA series. If there is one you particularly like, there is almost always an online community there and ready to play.

I think my favorite COD was W@W but I really am just like the majority of players who trade in the last COD each year when the new one comes out.

Each new incarnation is  just fine with me.

[quote user="PinHeadLarry BT"]

Can any of you give me 5 reasons why bo2 online is better than bo1?  Do not include zombies.  


I must say that your gamer tag says more about you than I ever could.

After MW3's implementation of support streaks, this one feels more robust. Objective players are now getting love.

Yeeah, BO1 didnt have the objective players in mind, so killwhor3 slayers still dominate.

^That's funny cause I run for the objective/go positive and sometimes have the top score by over 1,000 points.  Granted throwing flashes (or concussions) and using UAV/Counter UAV also help rack up points.

Getting 200 points for capping a flag that an enemy controls in domination. Everytime I go all out for the objective i'm at the top despite going negative. like 2nd day i went 4 kills 19 deaths with 11 captures and 4 defends

[quote user="Durva360 Gaming"]

1. Rewarding players that go for the objectives.

[/quote] How so? I've played plenty of matches and have had the most captures and defends by far and still come in third or fourth place, not to mention having had positve K/D's while doing so. How is that rewarding?

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