Everyone reviewing the demo is saying it is a step backwards from the e3 build, does anyone know if it actually is? The demo felt amazing to me, I was in love with NFL2k5, this demo is the closet thing to it, it felt great to me.


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MADDEN NFL 12 THE DEMO is awesome but I can't wait when MADDEN NFL 12 all 32 teams come to stores August 30 2011

^^Was that a sales pitch for Madden?^^ Lol

I liked the demo, but all in all, it is Madden.  I will mute the announcers after the 3rd game, I will play in online leagues that last 3 games, I will play off line franchise and get my 100 online wins.  2013 anyone??  If we want real changes, put the game out at least every other year.  This makes no business sense and will never happen, but that is the only way you would get a truly different gaming experience.

I agree every other year would make it alot better. Maybe charge 10 to 20 bucks for a roster update.