Awesome spoiled by silly issues. (Review)

I like the game so don't get me wrong.

The game would have been perfect if not for a few issues with clipping and the fact that no matter how much I use the melee attack it does nothing. Seriously, who the hell tuned these physics?

When moving about on foot I have been stuck or got caught on pebbles, mattresses, etc. If you walk on these items a certain way, no problem yet for some reason they are like walls when approaching from other angles. Really? This can cause you to get stuck in fights and being unable to move out of the line of fire, leads to death.

When driving, same issues. A pebble can cause you to come to a screeching halt, flip you around backwards, etc. You are running around in a damn buggy and can't make it over a small rock? Losing a race because of poor physics or object placement is rather annoying.

My final complaint goes with the melee attack that for some reason just doesn't work for me. The animation plays just fine but no matter what I do it just won't connect. I've tried various weapons in hand when attempting it and nothing.

That said, the visuals are awesome. Upon first leaving the Ark I was stunned by the visual acuity, the textures, and the scale.

The sound is good and bad. You can step two feet from a character talking and suddenly it's like you are 20 feet away. Enemies can sound right next to you and even behind you when they are still a distance ahead of you. Location of audio cues needs work. When the sound does work it sounds great. Hearing John Goodman was a treat and the voice acting is pretty good.

If they get the kinks worked out this game would hit my all-time top ten. As it stands I would give the game an 8 out of 10 only because of the quirks. Fix the minor issues (haven't hit anything game-breaking yet) and it would get a 9.5.

After being burned several times on pre-orders, I took a chance with Rage. I'm thankful I wasn't disappointed. Rage is a keeper and one of the few that were worth the pre-order.

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I haven't ran into these problems, but the sound problem I have ran into and it does get annoying

Yeah sound is the only problem I've really had.  There is one area where my gunshots either couldn't be heard or sounded like they were from miles away.  Other than that Im loving the game.

Stop complaining and enjoy the game.

I have a glitch where I shoot my AR, then it starts hiccuping and throws a couple of melee's in the middle of firing a burst.  

Thats a weird glitch.

I find it kind of interesting fires and then it like jams up, throws a melee or two, then starts firing again.  It really is not a good gun though.  I only bought it because I had collected so much ammo for it.  The Settlers Pistol combined with the Monocular take care of most of my sniping needs.  That gun is the best in the game IMO.

I have fun with them all, but my fave is the combat shotgun with pop rocks.  Unfortunately that makes it hard to loot the bodies because half the time there isn't one left.

The graphics and diverse areas of the land make my eyes pop. The paced.

I don't find much wrong with anything, really. As was said before...shut up and enjoy the game.

I need help, I was on the second disk and went to wellspring  without saving, and now I'm stuck in the 1st disk. I tried to resume campaign the next day but it says "Insert RAGE disk 1" and my saves are at wellspring.


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