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  I play with randoms all the time, so foiund ut rather amusing.

   It reminded me of somethingh I otherwise would have forgotten. I was playing dom on nuketown yesterday and we hadnt been able to cap anything but a. At one point the enemy got a ..... and I've never seen this happen before but my whole team spawned right beside b. My whole team ran away. I tried capping b but died.

  What was even worse, was that while I was tying to cap b and they ran away ..... they all died before me, and when I spawned at a , I got to watch my whole team ..... again ..... run right past a. Not one person went for a. And while I was capping a they were off dying somewhere, some spawned before I was done and ran right past me again.

  I'm used to playing with randoms and understand that you get what you get. But sometimes it just shake my head at just how bizarre it can get.

lmao loady loady loadstar

100/3; 5/22! LOL! That was great! :D

...wish my connection would allow for cool games like that. :(