Awesome Rocket Kill

This is why I love playing BF3. I get to do crazy stuff like this :D

Rocket Kill!


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I would say its more random then crazy.

wasn't random, I was actually aiming for that Jeep. You see it rolling in from bottom right of screen and In TS (Which I dubbed out for music) I call out my target :P

You can say all you wan but that rocket kill was luck, if you did that another ten times I'd be surprised if you hit it once.

I love random shots like that.  Only question is, when they died, did they get a death by you or a bad luck death.

It was luck. It was Random. Also 45 seconds for 4 seconds of WTF....

3/10.  I think most of us here have jumped from some sort of peak or vehicle, fired a rocket, shot a grenade, or shucks even sniped someone while falling.

I'll post more long distance and mid-air shots later. I've managed to do it more than a few times.

I'm sorry but I've got to throw my hat in with the "lucky shot" crowd on this one. I managed a headshot with the SV98 after base jumping on D. Peak and while I was aiming at the guy, I'll be the first to admit it was a lucky shot.