Awesome game but one complaint...

..the combat!


Obviously, this is a big part of the game but it's pretty much hack'n'slash. RT for attack and LT for block. That's pretty much it so far. It basically comes down to how much health you have. In the first part of the game, I had to search a dungeon (trying to avoid spoilers) and every creature I came across I killed just by thrashing RT five or six times. At the end, there was a boss type and I thought that this might be a bit more difficult. However, it only took a few more pulls of the RT! Mind you, the little cut scenes of finishing moves are good...


For the next game, I'd like to see a more sophisticated system like the ones used in Assassins Creed or the Batman games. What do you all say?


I'm not knocking the game so please don't flame. I love this game. Just thinking of ways it could be improved for the next installment!


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This tells me you never played Oblivion. Its a RPG Real-Time game. Try the magic, shouts, duel wield magic in one hand and a axe in another. Assassin's Creed and Batman are not real RPGs You cant control what you look like where you can go and what side you want to play. So if you truely love this game you could just over look the hack n slash because its normal for any RPG.

Eh, in my opinion he does make a legitimate complaint (this coming from a 1250/1250 Oblivioner). The combat has always been a tough spot for Oblivion, and to a lesser degree Skyrim. Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done until the next game comes out (fingers crossed for Elder Scrolls VI: Elsweyr)

Zeroo Wolf - I tried to play Oblivion but couldn't get on with the graphics. Graphics are important to me - this game is beautiful. I love the fact that you can change your characters appearance: I still can't decide whether to play 1st or 3rd person view!


For your next point, I'm 43 and I played the original D&D from the age of nine...know what that is? You can't tell me anything about RPG's =) (and I don't mean that in a horrible way!). I think this game would benefit massively from a better combat system...

Combat has improved greatly from Morrowind and Oblivion.  They are going in the right direction with the combat and I would hate to see it become something like Assassins Creed or Batman.  

As for Elsweyr, Sleeper, get Oblivion for the PC and download the Elsweyr mod, it is AMAZING.

D&D isn't the Elder Scrolls and a change to the combat system would **** off MANY loyal fans.

I didnt mind the graphic's of Oblivion and Im 33 and I still play both D&D and Rifts. To me I like the combat style but I guess each has there thing. If the game turns to a combat style like Assassin's Creed I will not get it. Bad as it is I play WoW :/ I just like the total real-time combat style where Im free to do what I like to do. Plus Ive been playing the Elder Scrolls series from Morrowind where graphics and those Cliff Racers are crappy. Was glad those are gone *sigh*. Maybe Elsweyr will be better but we have to wait until the XBox 720 comes out to play it. Yes the XBox 720 :/

If you play melee style then yeah the game is pretty much hack and slash.  One of the reasons I decided to go marksman/sneak, it provides for more strategic gameplay rather than smashing that right trigger.