Awesome Battlefield moment #121

SO me and one of my oldest Xbox buds were on Kharg defending the Airstrip.  I hopped in a jeep and he hopped in to gun.  We were on our way to C when a flood of enemy appeared near the chopper spawn.  I got us over there, only to find out the gun was the one that can't move past the width of the hood, which greatly limits your flexability in an engagement. 

So, I guess I gotta run 'em down! 

I'm flying around doing donuts and spinouts, chasing these guys all over - through the hangers, on the runway, we got three of 'em and were still rolling - We were sliding all over and hooting and yelling!  We saw a couple guys jump back into a jeep and take of for the flag so we took off in hot pursuit. 

My girl comes out of the bedroom with her arms crossed, (the international sign for "your too f***ing LOUD!") but we're in the moment.  a Battlfield moment!  

We're sliding all over down by the water, up and down the hill, they're shooting RPGs at us and s***, chasing them down!  They even try to crash a friggin JET on us - WHOOOSH   BOOOOOM!!! stuff flyin' all over, back up the hill, onto the runway, the mobile AA starts lighting us up,  their tickets run out


 WE WIN!  


Much rejoicing!


Love this game.  


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Kharg Island as in Wake Island?

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Kharg Island as in Wake Island?



Ah HA!  So it was you I ran over!  =)



(my bad, Wake Island.)

Nice....  :)


For me it was on Operation Firestorm on Rush mode (Attacking).........


 I had the M1A tank (U.S. side)...and I drove it to the deserted outpost base beside the highway.  I went on a killing spree....I must have killed at least  6 tanks... when after a short time suddenly 3 enemy tanks came out from the enemy base to get me. Yes that's right...the enemy had one of our tanks as well (silly Smurfs). I killed the first 2 by doing some ducking ...weaving...and shooting in the deserted base.....and the warning lights were going crazy, then the 3rd and final tank came crashing into the desrted base from the rear. I jumped out of my tank shot a back in and shot regular tank round...and the enemy tank was disabled.  The enemy tank driver was alone and actually got out of his tank and was trying to repair in front of me. I was just about to blow him to kingdom come when I hear a RRRrrrrRrrrrrrrrrrh...and hear clunk noise... then 2 seconds later my tank goes boom.  Killed by C4 by a wonderful Smurfy  teammate!  Some special person on my team decided to help our team out by blowing me up with a C4 jeep right in the final momement of my tank victory over the enemy.


Now for the best part....... :)


I quickly respawn back at the US base with a Engineer class with a javelin launcher. I see the same wonderful team killing teamate in the near distance throwing down a ammo pack next to a US jeep and throwing C4 all over it. I quickly pull ot my Javelin and I'm getting a lock on the Team Killers jeep with my javelin launcher because he is not sitting in it, and he is busy throwing c4 in it.


I get a lock tone.....................Fire...................Team Killer jumps back in the jeep......and is driving towards a friendly tank that just left the base.


Kaboom....Team Killer and C4 jeep get blown sky high.......


I then recieve a audio message with rap music blaring and special words from the Team Killer.


I smile....and know... I did a service for my team.


I love Battlefield :)


Thanks for the nice read guys....stuck at work and both stories made me smile.

So many awesome things happen in this game i can't think of one in particular at the moment.Nice story though.

I definately got caught up into your story, sounds pretty awesome.

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I definately got caught up into your story, sounds pretty awesome.


The match itself wasn't particularly close; one of those rounds where your team
steamrolls 'em in the beginning and then your team collectively lets off and
the enemy comes back. Even then I don't think we were in jeopardy of losing -
but you never know. One thing's for sure, that "Imma steal their
chopper" s*** wasn't happening on that round! When the jet buried itself
into the hillside right in front of us and blew into pieces hurling past... I
know it's just a game, but dam! The pure chaos of that moment was one of the
most enjoyable gaming moments I've had ever, I wanted to share it with folks
who might be able to appreciate it.

I'm also really enjoying these Triton headphones. Completely immursive experience.
You can get carried away though, maybe shout too loud. So I am told....=)


[quote user="vibroluxor"]I'm also really enjoying these Triton headphones. Completely immursive experience.
You can get carried away though, maybe shout too loud. So I am told....=)[/quote]I do that with my new Turtle Beaches,I like the game sound up when i'm playing cos it sounds so much more awesome but my misses tells me i shout at night into em and she can hear me in the bedroom.I got told off one night for waking the baby up.Lol.

This is on Gulf Of Oman,

Hopped into the F35 flew towards the enemy helicopter, got a few hit markers on it, turned the jet around and my team helicopter managed to destroy it however only killed the pilot, the gunner jumped out at the last second and landed on the ground, I started slowing down and the F35's landing gear deployed, I managed to have a bumpy landing and the enemy chopper gunner turned around and got a face full of my F35 jets landing gear (Road kill!).

As soon as I got the road kill, I hit the accellerator and gained some height, I did a slight fly by underneight my teams helicopter and clipped a lamp post (those pesky things) and the F35 did 180 degree rotation to face backwards, as soon as I landed, the F35 started to move backwards and somehow I was perfectly aligned with the road leading under the main bridge and I went under the bridge backwards in the F35.

My teams helicopter a few seconds after when I reached the other side of the bridge tried to fly going forwards under it .... it didn't go as planned and it ended as a pile of scrap metal.

Really cool sight to see, now only if Battle recorder was implemented.