Awakenings Expansion- I bought it... so why wont it let me play it?

I bought DAO bundled with the Awakening expansion pack.  It keeps saying that I need to be connected to a hard drive. I thought maybe my hard drive wasnt big enough so i bought a 8 G flash drive. I manually downloaded the content onto my flash drive, but when i put in the disk it continues to say that i need a hard drive. I put in the DA origins and click on downloadable content, it tells me all about the missions i can download and tells me I need to buy them with my Microsoft points. Did i miss something in the fine print because I thought I already bought this game?! it says on the expansion missions that i need to start a new game and import my character in and the downloadable content will be there, but it isnt.... Did i just buy a disk that connects me to the marketplace so i can buy additional content??.. Does anyone know what is going on!?!?!


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This is going to sound odd but, even with an HDD, the extra content disk needs to be installed twice (so to speak). The first install is like the download process, in that it puts the info on the 360 (you may not NEED to install the extra content disc, so much as just run it). Running the extra content pack merges it with the game file. Without an HDD, there's no game file for the extra content to become a part of. So my guess is that without an HDD, you can't use the extra content... Unless you have DAO installed to your flash drive as well. See if you can install DAO to your flash drive, then install the extra content with it. I can't say for sure if or how this would work, since I've never had to deal with not having an HDD.

Thanks for your help, turns out I dont have a big enough flash drive to hold both games. So dumb!