Avoiding getting shot!

I've noticed in this game alot of varying techniques that people use to avoid dying! The traditional Halo Jumping is still in full force, but I've also seen alot of people drop to prone as soon as you see them, and others that have a tendancy to strafe from side to side like they're doing the side step shuffle at their old Aunt Agna's 3rd Wedding!


So, do any of you implement these techniques in your gameplay? Have any of you had issues with others using these techniques?


I like to think theat I can usually react quick enough to kill them off no problems, but I never use the techniques stated. My usual technique is to see the enemy, panic, pull the trigger firing randomly into the air, then die! 


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i do the strafe or the dying in place 

i don't drop sot or the jumping bean

  I usually do the dancing, or if possible head for cover until I get turned the right direction and jump back out.

  I never used to have much issue with droppers because of the widespread use of sc/ls it became habbit to automatically follow the enemy to the ground. Without sc, its 50/50 whether someone hits the ground or leaps like a frightened cat, and I've never been good at making guesses on coin flips.

Strafe & jump save your @@@ 9/10 times

I wish I'd remember to do it but in the blind panic of confrontation I just fire wildly lol! Either that, or sometimes I get too excited about shooting someone, and accidentally click the stick, resulting in me trying to stab someone who is 30 foot away!

[quote user="apna style"]i do the strafe or the dying in place [/quote]gotta keep up with the pace
or I'mma spray you with mace
with striaght up grace
and I want some cheese cake.


If I get into a firefight, I run for cover while firing back - if there is none nearby, I'll circle the enemy like a shark or vulture. I find that if you get in the habit of aiming slightly lower than normal, players who drop shot won't be as much of a problem. As for those who like to jump, they usually do so from out of cover or from around corners to surprise you. If they do this, just hipfire to maximze your mobility & fire spread to bring them back down to the ground & then put them 6 feet under it.

I use Tactical button layout with stab on B.  Which defaults prone onto the rightstick.  

For some reason it was just fluke that I started to drop shot.  Now I do it out of pure reaction.  What is weird is there is no rhyme or reason to when I do it.  But the odds of winning any firefight when I dropshot is like 85% in my favour.

Imma strafer.

Um I just stand face to face and kill - never drop shotted In my life and I really avoid headglitching unless I'm on my last leg after taking down a couple

I do the Quake or Unreal game  circle dance

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