To this day Im still wondering what was the idea behind Xbox avatars other than being a pretty icon to stare at and waste money on.

Its been suggested several times that the avatars could be put to some good use in a virtual space where they could walk, chat and perform other actions.

Lets see how this could work...


You start off by having a personal planet which acts as your "server" it will change seasons and day/night cycles depending on the time and month. Your current friends on your list will populate your game world and wander around, when your friends join up they will take control of their avatars.


Each of your friends will have their own house which they can customize with different styles, furniture and colors the houses are small but big enough to fit several people and the things inside.


There is no ultimate goal to the game, consider it a prettier and more interactive way of chatting and hanging out with friends on the system. You could even create and customize your own clothes based on basic models already in the marketplace like hats, tshirts, hoodies and pants, but these would only be usable inside the game world if you choose to use them instead of your already owned avatar gear.


There would be events you and your friends could take part of like season hunts, or costume contests for halloween as well as gift giving at the end of the year.


I know a lot of people oppose this and think its a trivial idea, but hey, at least its something better than having your avatar sit like a fool on the dashboard.



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Hm, I see.  It seems I am a better archaeologist than I thought.  Very good.

Someone did an elaborate post about this a few months back where you would have an avatar town and you could go to the mall to buy avatar items . . . you could go to the arcade to play avatar games (mini golf, doritos crash course, etc),  interestng idea.

I take it you have never played full house poker? The game utilizes your Avatar as your playable character  your able to sit down with your buddies and play a fun game of poker and chat with each other without having to be in a private chat. Another good game that utilizes your Avatar is Monopoly Streets. I am pretty sure that there are quite a few other games that do the same thing but I can't recall the names of them.

Guys...my OP was made in May...

Yes, I like this idea. (Quite similar but sounds better than my idea)

It could be the Xbox Live version of the PS3's PlayStation Home. :)


It's funny how Microsoft was all about hyping up the community aspect of Xbox Live, yet they don't something so simple to encourage meeting and interacting with new people. I'd even settle for an off topic section of this forum.


It will only be a matter of time before male avatars start pimping out female avatars in exchange for headshots or MSP.

I guess it would work if there were events like going on quests with your friends or participating in mini-games such as cart racing.

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