Avatar stuff up today

The helmet , shirt and hat. If anybody is interested.


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The gear has been on the Marketplace since Oct 10th. It just wasn't featured for some reason.

Found it and bought mine yesterday! :-D

Bought  a Skyrim shirt.  I don't really buy stuff on the Marketplace, but Skyrim stuff is a rare exception!

Ugh! I have 60 MS points. I need 80.  >.<

sign up for bing rewards or whatever and you'll be able to get 400 points for free and relatively quick.

I am disappointed with what was released in the form of avatar gear...

Just need to get my internet back. Will there be more gear to choose from eventually?

Odds are no. They released more for big games like halo and gears closer to release. Skyrim is a big game, but I'm just going on the amount of games that get what they get versus those with additions.

Maybe you'll get avatar awards..fo free!

Avatar awards from Skyrim would be one of the coolest things they could do.  I don't see why more companies don't do this.

Because they could charge for them and increase their profit. But still, I want to see some :P