avatar gamer cards in forum posts.

just noticed that the gamercard next to my avatar in forum posts only shows the 360 and windows games i'm playing and not my X1 games.

is this an ongoing problem that the mods know about and are not fixing or just me with the wrong forum setup?


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No the forum only shows the 360 games and it is a known and well documented issue.  

thanks for that. i'd have though with this being the official forums, they'd have fixed it years ago.

strange thing in that it shows the BC games i play on X1.

The day they fix that up will be the day Major Nelson's annoying face stops appearing on my X1 dash in the community section.

Seriously can we just stop it already! It's like if Windows 10 desktop wallpapers started having Satya Nadella's face appearing every other day.

Yeah, I hadn't been on the forums in a long time, came back and wondered the same thing. You'd think it'd be fixed by now... it's been 2 years...