Avatar Awards during an Undead Nightmare playthrough?

I played the crap out of this game when it came out. Never actually sought out avatar awards but ended up with a few.

I've since sold my HDD and this game, then recently bought the Undead Nightmare version of the game that comes with all the DLC on the disc and I'm using a USB drive for storage. So basically I have no prior saved game data and am starting an Undead Nightmare playthrough.

I've decided that I want the black on red RDR logo t-shirt for my avatar. I know it is found in a chest at Riley's Charge. My question is this, can I earn an avatar award during an Undead Nightmare playthrough or does it have to be a regular playthrough of the original game?


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Good question, Ride out that way and check. If the chest is there then you're good. Dont forget the one in the attic of john marstons house and shooting the hat off an enemy.

I took a ride before I posted this. You start out in the Great Plains area (northeast) and you can't get over Mason's Bridge or Tanner's Span immediately. I assume you have to save some towns and play through the undead nightmare a little more to unblock the bridges and right now I'm obsessively playing Mass Effect 2 on PC which takes up all my gaming time. So i asked here.

Well since no one seems to know, I'll tell you. I don't have the black on red RDR logo t-shirt and I made it out to Riley's Charge. There is no chest to open inside the broken down shack so I assume you cannot earn avatar awards during an Undead Nightmare playthrough.