Autumn Awesomeness!

So far I have picked up Dead Island, GOW3, Deus Ex, and now Rage. With a few more "gems" on the near horizon, this seasons releases have been out of this world in terms of quality. Two things that are hurting: my eys and and wallet but hey...its been worth it so far!





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I bought those 4 games as well. Other games I have completely paid off include Batman: Arkham City, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, and Saints Row 3. It's like this every holiday season, though. I've bought more games in previous years

I also bought those games with the exception of dead Island only because I am tired of Zombie games. I also have Batman: Arkham city, battlefield 3, MW3, Assassins Creed revelations, and Mass Effect fully paid off and I am pretty sure that is going to be it. I never really played any of the games leading up to Skyrim so i'm not sure if i will like it.

I am not going to be bored until next summer (as usual). I have at least 2 games planned for every month for the next 8 months or so.

It has indeed been a pretty good year so far, and the end of it is looking utterly brilliant. Now I'm just waiting for Batman :D

I've picked up gears 3 and dead island. Still have bf3 and skyrim. still haven't started dead island.

Gears 3 hasnt left my disk tray yet love the game :)

I'll probably start on these games when I go for a transplant evaluation in november.