Has anyone unlock the special vehicle not going to spoil the surprise for those that haven't been in Autovista yet. I'd assume to hear Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson narrating the specs of the special vehicle but instead it's a familiar voice detailing the specs and history. Sadly can't take the special vehicle out for a ride on the track or take a photo.


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To some maybe its old news I didn't know her voice was going to be in there until I unlocked the Warthog no doubt it is her. I did notice the 1931 Bentley 8 Litre even got educated on it's history and that it was based on one of Jay Leno's car collection. But I was too focus on the Warthog. lol

Yup. I say it's old news because it's been around on the "net" for a few months now that it was in the game in Autovista mode and the video showed it was her voice. But then another video somewhere had one where either the other British guy or Jeremy were talking. Glad to see they kept her voice in there. The other guys have so many they can review. Nice to see that little "extra" in there for the fans. :)

Old news. I'm glad to hear they kept her voice in it and not Jeremy's. Because there was a video going around where it wasn't her voice. I don't know if it was Jeremy's or the other guys.

But there is more then that one special one too. Did you not notice the old Bentley is it? That unlocked? Can't drive that one either. Or at least I wasn't able to take it for a challenge.