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When fighting multiple enemies is there quick easy way to switch between targets?

I saw nothing in the instructions about how to do this.

I die often from the clunky controls targeting the wrong enemy - there will be one guy in my face and the thing wants me to aim at the guy furthest away - and seemingly all I can do is keep dancing around and clicking the right analog, toggling the targeting on and off, until it targets the one I want... but by that time the situation has changed. One wrong button press and your dead.

The action is to fast for the controls to be this slow and clunkey. What have I missed?


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don't think there is a target switch, but I never use auto lock unless it is a knight that I know can backstab you.  only way to gain some distance safely and heal.

I've found that just pushing the stick in the direction of the enemy that you want to be locked on switches it.

Flick the right analog stick towards the enemy you want to target. Don't hold it or it wont switch targets, it has to be a fast motion.

You have to flick the right analog TWICE in the direction you want it to go, to switch. 

aye, push in on the analog switch, forget if it's left or right..then u push up on it and it will switch between targets.

Turn auto target off and use the lock on system

How does one "lock on" to begin with? I have just been fighting the enemies with no lock on I suppose. I want to focus on one and be able to circle around it while still focused on the enemy.

Feral Boar - click the right analog -


Thanks to everyone else for all your answers - I guess I'll just have to try them all to find out which one of these answers are correct -

Click the right stick.

Lol.  Six answers all saying more or less different things.  I think they probably could have done better on the tutorial and instruction booklet portions of the game.