Auto-save feature saved over slot 1?

So, I had a close to perfect file around 80%, but I started to get bored of being good, so I saved my current game, (the slot 1 80% file) and then started a new game, and when it came time to save in that new game I saved in SLOT 2, and then I realized my slot 1 said "New Friends, Old Problems", and I thought, that can't be one of the last missions, and to my dismay when I loaded it I was in the MacFarlane safehouse with NO money, and just a wiped clean file, it saved over slot1! The one that I spent a week of my life in! I made sure I took all precautions because I know auto-saves are tricky sometimes, but then THIS happened.
Words cannot express how frustrated I am, the game didn't give me a warning AT ALL that is was going to automatically save over my first and best file, and it makes me not want to play the games single-player ever again. I thought the auto-saves were going to stay in the AUTO slot, and not encroach on my slot 1.
I'm SO pissed.  Did this happen to anyone else? I consider myself a rather intelligent person so I do not see how I missed something, please, ANYONE, shed some light.


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quit whining. I had a power outage in the middle of a game. Then the game would not load. Bought new disk still game would not load. End up killing all my save game data. So back to level 1 in mp and starting over in the game.

it is game bad stuff happens.

Had you bought any extra content, for some reason when I bought Undead Nightmare I lost my main game save and had to start again, TBH, wasn't to much of an issue I hadn't played for ages and I loved the campaign anyway.