Dear Xbox Live -

I hate your auto-renewal process. Its a pain in my a**, my having to log in, and cancel something I only wanted purchase one month at a time. Don't get me wrong, I think its brilliant on your part, if I fail in anyway to do so, whether I like it or not, you get 10 bucks I didn't intend to give you.  Way to go.  You're a d*ck.

Also, Xbox One is a giant joke.  For a number of reasons, but my first response is that nobody wants your Kinect.  It was a giant failure, and now to make some sort of profit from the money poured into R&D, you're going to make it essential that everyone get one whether they like it or not.  Way to go. You're a d*ck.

Frankly I don't have time to go down the list.  But worse, is you're attempts to exchange ownership, for license to use. Thanks Xbox One for bringing 1984 into our homes.  Well.. not my home.

That's my rant. However ignorant.  That's my rant.  Its my right to say it, so don't get so upset.


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Sounds like the little baby needs his bottle..