Australian LF Xbox One + 360 Friends all over the world, Read on.

Hey there. I pre-ordered my xbox one and only have the one friend as of current which is my brother in law ( seems he doesn't play much ). Now i am on a fair bit, and currently looking for anyone who is some what mature but have a good sense of humour as i enjoy to joke about. I live in australia and i'm 22.

I am keen to get some friends from all over the world, but being in australia would love some more aussies to play with too. Also if anyone from 360 wants to add me, that's cool too :) as i am sure you will eventually get the new console at some point!

The games i have are :

Dead Rising 3 ( i would say i am about 80% through completeing the entire game, but enjoy playing it and would enjoy helping people through the story line too :) )

Ryse ( I have finished the story line first time over, Have yet to go through a second/third time to get all collectibles, Would enjoy doing that with someone and/or playing the co-op arena as i pre-ordered )

Need for Speed : Rivals ( I play both sides, but am higher level on my racer :) )

Battlefield 4 ( Bought specificly to play with my brother in law and as he doesn't play much, am looking for anyone with any skill level to play with as i am new to the BF Series on Console and i'm a little on/off with my skill on this shooter ) ( Any tips and help is appriciated :) ) PS : Have not finished the story line yet

Call of Duty : Ghosts ( Haven't finished the story line, But enjoy playing it Here and there ( it's not my favourite game, but enjoy switching to it every once and a while )

FIFA 14 ( Got free with the pre-order, Enjoy playing it however i am not the best player as i don't play it constantly and still need alot of practice, Would love to get a full team going and try that out online )

Assassins Creed : Black Flag ( Barely started playing the story line, game seems like good fun. Would love to play it co-op if that's possible, or just jump right into Multiplayer with some peeps )

If anyone is keen send me a friend request , i believe my gamertag is " HavocBringer22 " -- I look foward to speaking/playing with you all. Cheers


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