Australian and New Zealand Group/Clan - The Downunder Squadron

We Fear Nothing, and a Soldier without Fear is a dangerous opponent indeed.
We are Descendants of the ANZAC Legends of Old - Lest We Forget - And fight for our ultimate right for survival against the Enemy.
We are the Superior Warrior, and operate outside of the regular structure of ranks, protocol and assignments. As our name suggest WE GO DOWNUNDER!
We Will Not Fall.....
........We are The Downunder Squadron!

We're a mature, fun orientated group of guys that love gaming.
We have a great website (our Headquaters) where we post anything and everything coming up - clan battles, inhouse competitions etc.
We have our own ranking structure and offer medals exclusive to our clan members.
We're well established and know what we're doing and how to tackle it - check out our website -
and read our field manual on the home page - you'll soon see what TDUS is all about.

We're fun focused, and like to work together to win - but if we lose, we retain our dignity and offer the victors' a pat on the back and a good game comment.... but they will not be so lucky next time we meet on the battlefield.

We play many games, currently focusing on Halo Reach, BFBC2 and GOW. Admittedly BF is new to our clan as a clan orientated game, but we're fast putting if further ahead, as our goal is to make BF3 our Next Primary Game along side Halo Reach. GOW is to become our 3rd primary game once GOW3 is released. Many of us already have GOW 1 and 2 - but not at a clan/group level as of yet. Thus I am posting here to recruit more Australian or New Zealand Members.

Well I could babble on forever if you keen to try it out, visit our site and click on the recruitment tab. Anyone can join, even if your not Aussie or Kiwi.

As for our Motto, well its the simple fact that.....
War's not about who's RIGHT, its about who's LEFT!

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