Aurora mine silver key chest puzzle

Have struck eight yellow and ended up with 8 red in the circle beneath the statue and struck them all with fireball magic and still no chest has appeared, what am I doing wrong?


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are you doing magic that is no lower than level 3 magic?

It appears that there must be a glitch in the puzzle, just got to the mine again using a second Hero and after collecting the first 8 switches and using the fireball spell on the next 8 switches,  the statues arms lowered down revealing a staircase with a chest at the top, containing a Legendary weapon

Happy days of a sort, it worked but I already had that weapon on the first Hero save :-(

Obviously you are not guaranteed a different weapon that you don't have will appear you know. Only two weapons you know you are getting 100%, Bonemasher and The Tenderizer. That's why I went through MANY accounts to acquire the weapons I have.

May I ask what this is in reference to?  What are the switches you are talking about there and where is the mine?

After taking over for Logan, you start ruling Albion, when the decision comes up to either mine out Aurora or keep your promise, if you break your promise, Aurora will be mined out and you can now access a mine in Aurora.