Auriel's bow glitch

Whenever I fire Auriel's bow, my controller turns off. This only started happening during playtime after completing the dawn guard expansion. Tried many new batteries, 2 different controllers, different bows/arrows and only happens with Auriel's. Crossbows and melee weapons work fine. Anyone else have this problem?

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Also now noticed, whilst using Auriel's bow and sneaking, I can literally stand in an enemy's face and still be sneak shotting them

Man, Dawnguard has given us all a weird glitch or two - mine is turning into a Vampire out of the blue. But it's sounds like you've got one of the weirdest.


All I can offer is it's probably Dawnguard. You'll have to find a way around it until the patch we're all hoping for.

Oh forgot, also happens whilst not sneaking/crouching, if I shoot standing up the controller disconnects