Augmented Camo vs Stun Mines

Which did you pick at that decision point?  In theory the augmented camo seems like a great choice, but it seems that a lot of people who play the game regularly know how to pick out the shimmering figures when you hide anyway, so I wondered if the stun mine might be a better pick, since it can open up all kinds of opportunities to data hack.  Any thoughts?  Does augmented camo have advantages I might not be aware of, never having used it?


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I have not yet gotten to it yet but id say i Highly recomend Augmented... Sure people can pick it out but sometimes they wont. It gives you a slight Advantange. its a 50/50 shot of them seeing you. No much people pay attention. For the stun mine...I'd say no. Why use mine when you have a stun gun with Agumented Como sneakin around hackin people?? aha! Your choice though.

I guess what I was thinking is that you can find isolated spots to set up as a sniper, and plant the mines behind you in case someone sneaks up.  If they trigger it, you might be able to get a quick hack in.

Haha yah. I'd say its good for a camping/sniper tool but Snipers can't exactly stay in one spot and snipe. When yah move around with Augmented. It gives you cover and less chance of a person seeing you. I've seen guys with Augment and Those suckers arnt that easyly seen haha! So its For...... Mine=Safe camping ......Augmented=Nomad undetected

I was only present in the beta, but using the stun mine is really easy.

I'm not sure if it'll improve your gaming experience, but yeah, they're easy to use with a rather high success rate.

Stun mine, especially if you play siege.

Stun mine 100%. I was playing a hard-fought game of Decoy a week or so back, and every time my team made a push at the objective we'd get into the base, but we'd never be able to cap the objective because they had stun mines laced here and there around it. In the middle of a fight, trying hard to hold a base right next to the enemy spawn and plant an objective, any thought of looking for a tiny little mine on the ground goes out the window. Those things are incredibly useful if you plant them right next to an objective, because they'll just keep knocking the guys off it. 

I would go with the stun mine. The camo just seems pointless to as i can easily spot people who are using it and every time that i am in camo, i get shot at because of somebody spotting me. .

stun mines help you close off areas and hack players who get stunned. that aug. camo is good for flanking and displacing. the aug camo does shimmer unless you know how to be ninja and stay in the dark areas or areas where players dont really look when it comes to a fire fight. personally i chose stun mines cause i like hacking then follow up with tea bagging the hell out the guy whose on the floor XD