Auditore Cloak and other missing items


I have 7 achievements to get 1000.  2 are Seq 14 and the end game, 3 are battle maneuvers (Sweeper, Dust, and 10 at time), 1 is the feathers and the last 1 is wear Auditore Cloak in all cities, but I do not have any auditore cloak.  I have Medicia, Venice and plain.  Does this cloak come later?  I am afraid to go complete the "final mission" in Seq 14 and not be able to get back to clean up and get all achievements.

Also, I have all the weapons, I think 21/22, but there are no more shops and there is one weapon missing on the Crushing weapon rack with the maces.  There is one missing, 2nd slot down from top.

Would appreciate any clues on these, plus how in the heck you throw dust on 4 guards at once as they are constantly moving around whaling on you!  I can only get 2 or 3 at a time maximum!

Thanks in advance!





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you get the auditore cloak by collecting all the feathers. the weapon you are missind i'd venture a guess and say its the sword of altair. as for the dust just keep trying. it will happen eventually. the 10 at a time iirc is the one where you kill 10 guards without getting hit well just takes practice. i like using the grab opponent and just slit their throat. the sweeper you have to learn the skill from the sparring guy in the villa then you need to get a spear and round up some guards and sweep them. on a side note the auditore cloak must also be worn in the mountain area for the achievement to pop

just remembered that you can a warhammer for collecting 50 feathers and putting them in maria's room. that could be the missing one

OK, thanks alot!  Yes, I had only 47 feathers, now I found 8 more in Venice and Forli, so I am over 50 and need to put in the Chest.  I do have the Sword of Altair already, so the warhammer must be it.  I was thinking that might be it, putting all 100 feathers in the chest will comfort Maria and I guess she will make a cape for Ezio.  Wow, she cried for over 10 years in that room. LOL

Yes, she did cry for over 10 years. Kinda nutty isn't it? o.O

I didn't know you had to train the skill for the Sweeper,  thanks for that one Tommy

Yes you can still play as Ezio after completing the game after the credits end. You can earn the Auditore cape by finding all one-hundred feathers. The cape automatically makes you notorious in any city you got to. You can earn the final weapon of the game, the Condottiero War Hammer, is available at the blacksmiths after collecting fifty feathers.

this is old but i quit playing this game cause i got all 100 feathers and cant get the audiore cape. i read online that  have to speak to mario to get it but after helping him out he goes back home and when you approach him there he asks if youre ready to go to rome. it would be so cool if i could get 100% on a game and i have 99% achievements on this one! thanks

[quote user="manolobull"] it would be so cool if i could get 100% on a game and i have 99% achievements on this one! thanks[/quote]

I know its a while since you posted this but i had a similar issue.

Once you have put the feathers in the box you are awarded the cape,you then have to equip it by going into your inventory, then outfits,then scroll down and press X to equip it.


You can then use the quick travel option to go to all cities leaving forli till last so you can hop on a horse and ride into the mountains, and the achievement should pop.