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I've got a set of Turtle Beaches (DX11) which are simulated surround sound.  With black ops I had the option of selecting whether I was using surround sound, or surround sound headphones, but I don't have this option with MW3.  My complaint is that with my headphones sounds don't really transition well from one ear to the other, it's almost as if it's coming through in stereo...has anyone seen any options to adjust this or have any suggestions?


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In game, there are no options other than the one master game volume and that's it. Very disappointed by this. One of my personal favorite things I liked the most about CoD games was always the sounds(not just the explosions and guns, the little more subtle sounds) and the options to tweak it and listen to it as we see fit, CoD4 and WaW were good at this and sounded fantastic. MW2 & 3 seems have gotten lazy and given up in this department imo.

I seem to have this problem with my TBs as well. I could hear and pin point where someone was just by their reloading sounds in BO, but MW3 is extremely hard to tell where someone is coming from or where they are.

I agree with the previous posters.  The audio is a big let down for me and , even with Turtle Beach DPX21 headset, the sound is not nearly as clear as with Black Ops.  It's very difficult to pinpoint where the opponents are and the sound, overall, is a bit muffled in comparison to BO.  Also I wish we could adjust the music volume separately as you could in BO as I find the music to be a bit annoying and too loud.

agreed with all points.   Audio is not good.      In game chat is garbled.  party chat doesnt even light up the talking party.   and the MUSIC is pretty loud and not adjustable.     I'm not using 5.1, mine are just stereo but have been ace on every other game.

I don't think the sounds are that bad, it could be because I am using true 5.1 headphones, or a true 5.1 surround system, but I have no trouble locating people by sounds.

the audio quality sucks in this game.  Its a huge let down.