Audio Log Help, Chapter 17 (video)

Anyone know how to turn on the audo log machine at 1:33-1:35 in this video?

I assume the machine to the left (visible starting at about 1:30) needs to be hacked. Neither machine is available to work on. I have completed the optional mission. I've gone into the optional mission to see if either machine would turn on. No luck. Thanks.




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I just got it to pop. I started from the first checkpoint, selecting the mission. I did this, exactly, earlier today and the hack machine/audo log machine were off. Just went back in again and go to that point and the hack machine was turned on. thanks for the tips. Just had to stick to it. I'm going to bang out the alient artifact now. later.

Hmmm, it should be as simple as the video is. Try going to Chapter Select and choose the Optional Mission for Chapter 17, it should put you right there and you should be able to hack that machine again and press play.

Tried it a few times in a few different ways and I get the same result. No big deal in the grand scheme. This was my last audio log to unlock the 25 point gamerscore. I'll find a way to live without it. =)

I had a couple of situations where Audio Logs were not available unless I started from the beginning of the chapter or selected that particular mission from the main menu. It's weird that it's like that, but oh well. Guess we just have to work with it.