auction house problems

My son is trying to get into auction house but it says it is blocked by parental settings. When we go to the parental control settings it is turned off. I never turned it on to begin with either. Just wondering what to do.


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Are you trolling? Or is this a serious question?  If serious, it may well be because the age associated with his account.

You could try going to and asking this in the general FM4 discussion page in the forums.

If you have the 4 gold accounts, you must gift everyone else MS points.

I know almost for sure that it is age related. When you sign up for an Xbox live account, you must enter your birthdate and year. Ýour son must be to young for a "normal" account.

^^^ agreed. My son is 11 so age restrictions apply.

I made another account under my name for my oldest son to avoid the hassle.

Good idea Metal.  A friend of mine was just thinking about doing the same but was worried about online interaction with unsavory characters with his daughter.  I told him to lose the mic.  

Kinda silly my 11 year old can't play Madden online. It should be left up to the parent. And yeah take the mic away.