Attracting guards

ok if u have 3 guards together how can u make them split up to investge a noise or something? i tried bangclaws nothing happens? its hard to be silent and sneaky if u have to just team fight


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Sonic Batarang or Remote Control Batarang.

its reported however that if the guards are unaware of batman's presence, they wont pay any mind to a sonic batarang. even if its chirping away, especially outdoors.


also in predator situations, look around in the environment for breakable things.


you can always just use regular old batarangs to knock guys down, thus getting their attention.


just don't camp there after, or if you do, make sure you're not visible.

what i do is i let one of em see they split from others..then lose em in a area far way from other two..then go back to other two use a sonic batarang one of em will wonder off to investigate ..pick him off..go back to guy u separated earlier..pick him off...then get last guy