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There are a lot of people who dream to become a gaming professional. There are many opportunities to achieve this. You do not have to be the top ratings on the game in order to become a professional gamer. Teamwork is one of the keys to most competitive gaming. You can take 3 average players who know how to play with each other and play with 3 pro players who have never played with each other can it would be an interesting battle. I used to work on Gamebattles where I learned how important Online Competition Websites really offered people a way to get their foot into the door with professional gaming. I recently opened a new site called Revolution Factor.


We are live streaming currently on the front page. If you want to test out your live stream let me know,

Where gamers can come game and enjoy a gaming community. A community which supports other players and encourages them to get better at the game. We offer live streams for a variety of games. I am now asking the XBOX community to help out a growing community. We could use anyone who is willing to help out. If you are able to live stream (doesn't matter what the elo is) please talk to me. We will be hosting live streams on our front pages and offering partnership deals with active live streamers.

If you do not live stream then you can always join the competition area. We will be hosting weekly tournaments in which we will not change the brackets to make a team have an advantage. All of our brackets are done by the system and is auto generated.

If you are good at customer service you can also talk to me as we have a team of guys who are constantly online to help out new users on the site.

We appreciate all users that help.


We are working on a scrimmage system were companies will pay for players to play for their company. Here are the details of the project.

Scrimmage Franchise System

1. Users needs to be able to have a match finder type system where they can select the gametype and settings then after that they need to be able to insert the usernames of the players that will be participating in the scrimmage that will allow the team leader the ability to add substitutions.
2. The scrimmage matches will not hurt any team but will grant both teams 10 points per player on the roster. The matches will generate a rotation of 5 maps that can be changed by both teams. After the scrim both teams can submit a picture of the match and an admin can update their player statistics.
3. These statistics will be used to sort out which players can be rated based upon win/loses, kill/deaths/assists.
4. If a player has:
a. More kills then deaths and assist then he/she is a “Master”.
b. More assist then kills and deaths then he/she is a “Sharp Shooter”.
c. More deaths then kills and assist then he/she are a “Marksman”.

Player Prices
Masters: 2,000 RFP
Sharp Shooter: 1,000 RFP
Marksman: 500 RFP

Every team has 6,000 RFP per season.

1 Master, 3 Sharp Shooters, 2 Marksman can be a team. The team total will be 6,000 RFP.
1 Master, 2 Sharp Shooters, 6 Marksman can be a team. The team total will be 6,000 RFP.
No Master, 3 Sharp Shooters, 6 Marksman can be a team. The team total will be 6,000 RFP.
2 Masters, No Sharp Shooters, 4 Marksman can be a team. The team total will be 6,000 RFP.


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Bumping for interest! We are also looking for staff members.

Wow. Nice fail on somebody.. First time going to your website and I cannot access ANYTHING, due to I am "a;ready banned"?? Since 1969.