attachments or perks?

So which of those 2  challenges do you like better when ranking up weapons?.


   It baffles me sometimes. I've been ranking up the swat and while working on headshots didnt do so well until I put select fire on it. What a beast!


   Anyhow ........ I was working on the no attachments perk tonight on it and over the course of about 6 matches got 4 bloodthirsties and a buttload of kills .........  finished the 150 kills, switched to my no perk class with rds/sf/fmj and got my *ss handed to me. 


    It seems that way with just about every weapon. Whatever I think will be easier and harder are usually backward to what I predict using normal mixed classes with it.


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  Well I finished almost everything up fairly easy. I needed I think one more bloodthirsty after finishing the no perks/attachments. It came pretty quick but I had been stuck on 5 longshots for quite some time. I decided to go to hc dom. First match was on nuketown ... I got 11 longshots ........ eleven. And I joined almost half way through.

  Anyhow ..... back to th original question. Even if you work through them together, which do you find more difficult? No attachments or no perks?


You use cold blooded? What the hell for? Anyway, the question in the OP is kind of moot for me: so far, it's worked out for me that I get the gold challenges right about when I prestige my weapon, so I just do the no attachments 1st. I can't do both at the same time: I have enough shoot-first-die-first deaths as is...

  Thats something I dont think everyone is aware of ...... well by now I hope they would be. But I've knowm plenty over the course of the game who werent aware that dc and primary gunfighter could still be used on the noperks challenge.

 My problem is there are 2 must-haves when I play. A sight and  cold blooded. If it werent for those I'd be fine. Without cb I feel like I'm running around naked.

Gimme Ghost and a suppressor and i'm good to go for a Swarm or Canine

I do both at the same time. Also, getting headshots with a Select Fire SIG? I never managed to do that...

  I stink at getting headshots normally, I have a terrible habit of aiming low . It used to be a good habit because of second chance/last stand and dropshotters, and why I never had any complaints about them. In blops2 it just usually amounts to me losing a battle because I'm shooting someone in the feet while he's shooting me in the face.


  If I get 1 headshot per match its about average for me. There have been a couple weapons that headshots came more naturally and the swat is one of them .... maybe even the best for me of all. Keep in mind though thats still only meaning 3 or 4 per match. But most of them came from running a fast cqc setup with it.


   Once I complete the headshots I equip one or two classes with each no perk/ no attachment. I work them together but concentrate more on whichever I think will be harder. ... in this case no attachments. Didnt work that way at all though. I was playing a lot of ffa and when maps come up like nuketown I'd be tempted to switch to select fire. I resisted the temptation and suprisingly had some of my best matches in bo2.

In my experience, it's mostly the no perk run. There are cases, like the SMR, that I struggled to use the iron sights and, therefore, the no attachment is more difficult.


I don't know, other than challenges, I find CB completely useless. I don't even bother w/ Blind Eye either. EMP nades take out hunter killers, sentries, guardians, dragonfires & AGRs, so. The only time I ever really see an enemy get a 'good' streak is about 10 seconds after I hear "enemy care package inbound" or whatever it says & then I'll just switch to an anti-air class for that nonsense.

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