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Haven't seen any threads on this. Does heavy barrel improve accuracy on DMR's? I can only find positive stats on AR.s and Carbines


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While I'm not sure, generally speaking, it looks like on BF4 a heavy barrel improves accuracy but decreases stability, namely, for me it seems to increase recoil.

I threw it on DMR's, although I can't tell if it makes it more accurate. Hopefully it does, don't mind a little more kick if shots go on target.

I've been meaning to go on the test range and really test things to see what effect various attachments have.

I always thought the heavy barrels made them have a further bullet drop due to more powder in the load. At least that's what I noticed in BF3 anyway.

In the real world a heavy barrel improves accuracy and maintains accuracy longer due to slower heating up. I assume Dice would go with real world characteristics on something like this for accuracy at least. You'll be dead before you fire enough rounds to make a difference in heat in the game.

I think it "improves" accuracy on the "first shots" only, after that, its gonna kick pretty bad. BUT, with DMRs being semis, it may be worth it. Ive unlocked all the DMRs (first weapons) but I have been doing other weapons and I forgotten my setups with them, LOL. I dont like the Heavy Barrel with any other weapons, but I think I do use them on the DMRs, cant remember.