At the risk of sounding like a total noob.....How do you?

Do the jump and roll thing? ... no abuse required thanks :)



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Evade??? could you explain in more depth about what you are talking about please....

evade? great ... i'm missing a button ,how embarrassing...what button is it? just to save me flicking through the booklet...pfffff what a brass neck hehe ...thanks for your help btw :)

Evade is an Armor Ability. It's mostly exclusive to Elites. Some Gametypes will allow Spartans to select it on the Loadout screen.

Evade is an armor ability, so when your playing you need to select that armor ability to use it, LB is the armor ability button i think on default controls.

thank you both for your help..i shall cease double pressing the jump button ,running jumping and  double tapping up and jump now in frustration....cheers i can now skulk away in a noobish fashion ;-)

Don't feel embarassed for asking for help. Thats what the forums should be used for :)

What a noob! =P

Totally kidding! Welcome to the forums and the Reach community. Hopefully you'll stick around and post since we're a lively bunch around these parts of

Hahaha, nothing wrong with being an innocent noob.

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What a noob![/quote]


Reported for harassment.




OP, Play campaign, it pretty much teaches you how to play, aim, use Armor Ablity, drive, etc.

[quote user="Bogeh"]What a noob! =P[/quote]Takes one to know one, Bog. :P