Anyone else think they just ruin the game? People messing around in EOD bots, using stupid lame weapons, skid loader etc.

I have been trying to get the 10 kills in the mobile artillery and it sucks so much @@@. I have 2 kills since AK released. I hope BF4 dosen't have anything like this and challenges strictly to play as a team and help others. Not just noob around being useless to your team.



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I do agree. If they're gonna introduce new weapons to chase or dogtags etc which I got no idea why anyone would bother to chase, you should just unlock them by ranking up the class or your score etc like the vanilla weapons.


It's a mistake that anybody paying attention can see leads to contrived games and gameplay, NOT worthy of the battlefield. I hope DICE is paying attention.

I can see why they added them - they are trying to give the game "replay" value for a larger number of players, make it more of a challenge - game inside a game thing.  I don't see why a person couldn't go for the chievo while helping the team, seems like the best of both worlds.

The mobile AA is so lame, and as there's only 1 the whole team is always stood waiting where it spawns.

I just joined a game where the enemy team had all the flags, I took the AC-130 flag and got killed, managed to spawn in it then got banned by admin just because he wanted it.

Another point: Quick match should not put you in a rented server where you can get banned just for using a certain weapon that is programmed into the game.

I see multiple groups of boosters every time they come out with new ones.

the mobile artillery is easy the mobile AA is also easy what is your problems?

the mobile AA just needs to hide from other tanks and charge after air craft.

the mobile Artillery well you need to know how to work it there are some good video clips that show you how to work it.

I just got my 5 star dog tag for it the other day. I guess you get a star for it with every ten kills or so I've got 90 total with the RU and US Artillery.

it's really good for shooting down the gunship and aircraft, better than the Mobile AA

I've got all the Assignments done except Rambo... the Multi Kills is slowing me down I can get Triple kills but getting 4+ kills at once is a pain, and it seems like luck if you can get a full chopper or transport vehicle. Maybe I should try it on squad DM and destroy the Tank with a Squad.

Artillery is easy, I got 100+ stars for it XD

Logic fail again zeck. You having 100 stars =/= Mobile AA being easy to use

^ You say logic fail yet you fail to spell a name that it written clearly right next to my post, hmm, logic fail? In any case, like everything in this world, with practice, everything becomes easy to use, I myself found Artillery very easy to use.

Sorry, to make my first point more clear, I think all assignments and achievements should be designed to make players 'PTFO'  instead of the opposite.

I just saw the 5 new assignments... That's more like it!!! :-)

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