Assassin's Creed II Sweeper Achievment...

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Got this tips from another website and just tried it earlier myself - Works the first time!



  • Must have acess to the Venice, San Marco District
  • Must buy "Long Weapon Training" from the villa combat instructor (the guy by the ring) for 10k


  1. Take fast travel from any other area besides those in Venice to the San Marco District
  2. Look for the first guard patrol
  3. The patrol should have a soldier with a spear
  4. Assassinate all 4 in the group and grab the spear
  5. Move towards North around the area of the Campanile di San Marco and look towards the east you'll see 4 Brutes standing together guarding the gate.
  6. Engage the brutes ( 1 random soldier should attack with them making 5)
  7. Pull off the sweep by holding 'X' and release
  8. Achievement will unlocked once five guards fall down on the floor (not necessary at the same time)



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I've gotten pretty much every achievement except a few of those special achievements that aren't storyline related, for example this one and some others. Thanks for the tip though!

Remember always log in to your windows live ID regularly and never wait 90 days between signing in.

Needs to be 5 guards at once. Simply disarm the guard with the lance, then sweep all of them after you use a smoke bomb when they're all clustered together.

what i done here i loaded the san marco district (also mentioned above) but i disarmed the lance guard or what to call it and then got more guards after me and sweepet them :D

Thanks for the tip!  But I cannot get it to work!  I take down endless Guards in a single battle 2 or 3 at time, but I think it must be 5 with one sweep (your step 8 above).  Very frustrating, any more help?  

Thanks! I haven't tried to get this achievement yet but I didn't know that I could get additional training from that dude. Thank you for reposting the lost material.