assassins creed 2

i think the game is the best game ever

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Do u know how 2 get past the part were he has 2 foolow in the footsteps of another Assassin, were he chases a ghost up 2 the top of a tower wall?

Yea, go to the middle where the thing hangs over (the wooden pole) and hold RT and press A to jump up and easily get up the side of the tower.

on my xbox it wont grab the pole what do i do?

I'm having the same problem, bro. HELP!

Having trouble grabbing the post with the hanging lamp on it halfway up the tower? If so, get under the post facing the tower, and crouched on the stone rail, then do the buttons like a leap of faith, RT, A, Left stick forward. It may take a few tries but he will jump up and grab the end of the beam then you just pull up. I had to mess around with it for about an hour before I just randomly tried that.