Assassin's Creed 2 Platinum Hits

Hello All,


Was wondering if anyone knew whether or not the Platinum Hits version of this game contains all the DLC?




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No it does not. At least, the American Version does NOT.

Another thing the British people get that a North American Company created.

Thanks for the Quick reply!  Alright guess I'll be waiting for the Complete Edition on this one too...

Sorry, this is strange money grab.  I am used to Game of the Year editions that have the extra DLC.  For those who played Sequence 12 Battle for Forli and Sequence 13 Bonfire of the Vanities and Hidden areas is it worth it?  I love AC II, but I payed $19 for the complete game and have to spend another $19 in Points to play just 2 extra sequences?  I do like Caterina Forza though!

I played it on the PC and got the DLC free from Ubisoft when they were having all the issues with their DRM Servers.  I thought it was good, especially the Bonfire of the Vanities.

I liked both DLC, although Battle for Forli was short.  I liked the Assassination Contracts, so Bonfire of Vanities was great!  I thought the merchant on the ship was the most difficult.  I also thought it cool that the 3 Templar Lairs were made available from Collector's edition.  

Eh, I didn't really LOVE the DLC. I guess you could do without it. There are probably better things to spend your Micrsoft Points on.