Assassin's Creed Revalations Preorder Bonuses

Does anyone know of any other pre-order bonuses besides Gamestop's and Best Buy's? Gamestop gets a bonus mission and weapon. Best buy gets the crusader (black knight) character for multiplayer. I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to pre-order and if so where.


I usually don't pre-order games unless it is worth it, so help would be appreciated.


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For Amazon, you get Altair's outfit that you can wear throughout the single player campaign.

gamestop you get upgraded to the Signature Edition if you preorder

Signature Edition Contents

A Bonus Singleplayer Gameplay Mission

An Exclusive Multiplayer Character

3 Weapon Capacity Upgrades

An Animated Short Film

The "Assassin's Creed Revelations" Original Game Score Soundtrack is a Altair outfit single player skin.

gamestop is the best one. unless you buy it at kmart you'll probably get $20.00 in a gaming coupon if you have the kmart card.

no preorder needed at kmart just go to the store

LOL @ Kmart. How long before they go under? is the same as Amazon.

Walmart gives you the Brutus armor from AC: Brotherhood; though, I'm not sure if it's for single player or multiplayer.