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Some of the boat missions where so damn hard but alas i did it signed was a very fun game but not the best of the AC series.


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I was going to make one of these back when I got it, then I figured due to DLC it'd be pointless. None the less, /signed.

waiting to make one for 100% on all five games

I never 100% ACR :( spose its to late now

I give up on the series due to multiplayer

[quote user="I Emerge I"]

I never 100% ACR :( spose its to late now



why is that? I started playing that on 10/24/12 and got 100%

How would i get the multiplayer dlc map achievements ? i doubt i would find anyone to play them with me

I did it in Oct, so people still play. Check out I found 3 people and we knocked those MP achievements out in less than 30 min, they are easy since you can get them in Private Matches.


I thought i would have to arrange them specially with people ive done it before but dont know if ill bother haha

signed - finally  :-)