Assassin apprentice mission XP problem

Anyone else having an issue where it doesnt show your apprentices level from 10-14?

I have 2 Assassins level 15 but most are stuck on level 10. After that there XP doesnt show correctly and 2 of them have just majically appeared on level 14. I dont know if its not showing levels 11-13 or there is some other bug.


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I think it is related to assigning them to a den and doing their quests. They hit a level block at 10 but keep gaining XP, until you assign them and quest with them. After you get your 7 assigned the other 5 don't ever go past 10 I don't think

They show progress to level 11 though but when they hit it they dont go above it. It says at level 15 that you dont have to do the den defening anymore.