Ash Lake Hydra the CHEAP N EASY WAY

So had been trying to kill this swine for a good long while, got around four or five of its heads off and just

kept on dying. So I said to myself ok, just Carl Lewis past this SOB to the Stone dragon get the dragon

greatsword then deal with the Hydra on the way back. So was on the way back from said dragon and

got to the two trees that make a kind of arch before the area opens up again onto the beach and saw

the Hydra slowly moving onto the beach by the big tree and poof gone 10000 souls thank you very

much. Anyway dont know if this was a one off glitch or not but a nice surprise to say the least.


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Same happend here -

Ran past the hydra to see what lied beyond and next thing I know a screen pops up saying I recieved 2 dragon scales and the souls from killing it - never touched it once.

Killed it the regular way last night on like my fifth try, and one of the shell things jumped in the fight at the end, much more satisfying.  :)

Happened to me too, was kinda disapointed cuz i want to fight against the bosses, thats why i bought this game ^^

Same thing with me, but on my second run I fought it

Same thing occurs in the Ceaseless Discharge boss fight :/

mee too i was like run for my life cause the hydra wanna eat me and sudden i found the big dragon nest and then when i go back to the hydra pooff dissapear maybe those clams attack it and kill it for  me thanks clams...